JUNE 28 - JULY 2, 2020  
30 years of Care Transitions Across the Full Continuum

Rachel Gorichky, BSN, RN-BC, CMC, CCCTM

Rachel Gorichky, BSN, RN-BC, CMC, CCCTM


Rachel Gorichky is a care manager (CM) with over 27 years of CM experience. Her CM roles include skilled nursing, acute rehab, acute inpatient, insurance, Emergency Department (ED), outpatient, and most recently transitional CM. She maintains 3 certifications: 1 in gerontology and 2 in care management. She has published an article about her ED CM work (ED Care Coordination: An Effective Approach for At-Risk, Frail Older Adults). She has presented this work at an Emergency Nurses Association State Conference. Rachel and a physician colleague had a poster presentation about their work surrounding a refugee population (A Multidisciplinary Approach to an Unexpected Vulnerable Refugee Population: Primary Care for Bhutanese-Nepali Patients in Central Pennsylvania).

She has been honored to receive several awards which include the American Legion Citizen of the Year, Healthcare Heroes Winner for Senior Care, and the Inspire Community Leader. She has volunteered and participated in many events to improve the health of our community. Her dedicated actions have raised funds to support the emergency food box endeavor which furnishes immediate access to food for the clinic patients that identify themselves as hungry and have no access to food. She has been a member of the Community Health team for several years and chairs the sub-committee for Oral Health for the 5 county area. She has developed a dental resource bank for the underserved population to access oral health care for free or at a reduced rate. She has participated in health fairs teaching children proper oral care. Rachel and several Community team members obtained a grant which provided ~70 needy children free eye exams and glasses.

She is currently serving a 4 year term as a member of the ANCC expert content panel for Gerontological Nursing. Rachel is known by many as the go-to person. She possesses an “internal” resource bank to help those in need earning her the nickname “www.” Most importantly, her passion is patient advocacy. She has been told that she is the strongest patient advocate they have ever known.

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