JUNE 28 - JULY 2, 2020  
30 years of Care Transitions Across the Full Continuum

Debra Birkenstamm, RN, MBA

Debra Birkenstamm, RN, MBA


Has been an RN since 1989 and have held various nursing roles from early in career as a maternity nurse, Women’s Health advocate to working in Managed Care for 10 plus years in Case Management/Disease Management, then back to the ambulatory care, and have held various leadership roles.

Always stayed rooted in Case Management and Population Health, with opportunity to design programs to provide care to the most complex patients with seeking innovation to engage the most difficult patients.

Currently act as the clinical leader for the Integrated Care Management Program. The staff consists of nurses, social workers, pharmacist, community health workers and resource specialists. The iCMP program was developed as a demo project in 2006 and currently, we have enrolled approximately 4200 patients in our program.

Personal interests include family, love for the outdoors and have recently become a DOULA.

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