JUNE 28 - JULY 2, 2020   •  Boston, MA
30 years of Care Transitions Across the Full Continuum

PP309 – From Military to Civilian life: The Canadian Veteran Experience

PP309 – From Military to Civilian life: The Canadian Veteran Experience

In 2016, Statistics Canada surveyed Veterans across the country to learn about their life after service in a study called the Life After Services Study (LASS). Statistics Canada surveys also showed that 32% of Veterans reported difficulties transitioning. Difficulties transitioning may lead to further challenges adjusting to life after service. Some factors associated with a difficult adjustment included low rank at release, less than 10 years of service, unemployment and chronic health conditions.

Veterans Affairs Canada and the Canadian Armed Forces are committed to supporting members during their transition. The goal of transition is to ensure all releasing members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and their families feel supported and have the knowledge and ability to access the range of services available to assist them with their transition from military to civilian life.

This poster will explore:

– The Canadian Armed Forces – Transition Group (CAF TG), and it’s work with Veterans Affairs Canada and other partners to provide professional, personalized, and standardized transition services to CAF members, veterans and their families.  They provide special care and attention to those who are ill or injured and help with transition to civilian life.

– Examples of Veterans affairs engaging early and the collaborative work with our partners at the department of national defense and the Canadian Armed Forces.

– Screening for Case Management at Veterans Affairs Canada and the use of a new research based screening tool.

– The Canadian Case Management Model at Veterans Affairs including the levels of care defined by our department based on need, our interdisciplinary team, and 7 domains of well being of well-being.