JUNE 28 - JULY 2, 2020  
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PP204 – Noninvasive back pain reduction interventions

PP204 – Noninvasive back pain reduction interventions

Studies indicate that Americans spend more than 50 billion dollars a year in healthcare costs associated with low back pain. Some of these incurred costs include surgery, injections, and prescription opioids which contribute to the crisis in our nation.

While there is a time and place for invasive intervention to treat back pain, recovery and outcomes can be more positive when clients are educated to take initiative for their own health destiny. Utilization of client assessment assists case managers in determining whether less invasive, more cost effective, holistic treatment for back pain can be utilized.

Offering your clients an opportunity to experience relief, self-assurance, and decrease overall healthcare costs provides a dynamic educational engagement and highlights the CMSA advocacy standard of practice encouraging the promotion of self-determination and provision of available resources.

As a RN with over eleven years of experience, including five years as a case manager focused on workers’ compensation reviewing thousands of back injury claims, as well as a fitness instructor and health and wellness coach, I bring to the table a passion for empowering, educating, and providing tools to assist individuals overcome their back pain more holistically.

This presentation teaches a comprehensive but simple approach to assist and recommend noninvasive intervention to those struggling with back pain diagnoses. These concepts can provide significant relief to individuals and stem from three simple themes: mindset, movement, and menu.

The healthcare industry continues to slowly, but surely, shift towards more holistic care and as case managers, we appreciate the profound positive effects of this shift. This interactive session utilizes a dynamic presentation which includes concepts, visualization, active participation, and resources that tangibly provide teaching points and can be utilized with clients who are working to overcome back pain.