JUNE 28 - JULY 2, 2020  
30 years of Care Transitions Across the Full Continuum

F04 – Research-Based Role Description of The Diverse Professional Case Manager Workforce

Jul 01 2020
2:15 pm - 3:45 pm

F04 – Research-Based Role Description of The Diverse Professional Case Manager Workforce

The professional practice of case management is constantly evolving and warrants periodic scientific study. This is because of the dynamic nature of our complex healthcare industry. It is also a result of sociopolitical, regulatory, legislative, and economic factors influencing the need for transformation in and understanding of our professional case management practice. Integral to this change is the role of the professional case manager. Research-based role description is invaluable, especially in understanding how the practice has evolved overtime, and most importantly how the roles and functions vary based on the health discipline that describes the educational and practice background of the case manager. One informative study design is practice analysis employing a representative/diverse sample of case managers.
This session will describe the findings of a large (a sample of over 2,600) national research/practice analysis study about the roles and functions of professional case managers. Recently completed in September 2019, it resulted in a clear description of key roles and responsibilities of professional case managers based on their health discipline (e.g., nursing, social work, vocational rehabilitation) and practice setting (e.g., acute, subacute, payer/insurance, long-term care, ambulatory, etc.). This session will contrast the roles of case managers, identify the core functions and their frequency in practice, and discuss the key knowledge areas/skills necessary for safe and competent performance. Additionally, it will explain the implications of the research findings on the practice of professional case management with special focus on near future expectations. Moreover, this session will discuss the importance of practice analysis research better understanding of the case manager role, charting the evolution of the practice, and the design of evidence-based education and credentialing programs for the advancement of the practice.


  1. Discuss the practice analysis research method.
  2. Contrast the roles and functions of professional case managers from various health discipline backgrounds.
  3. Identify key implications for the practice of professional case management.