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Kelson Zehr, PhD, MA, LPC, CRC, CCM, CEAP

Kelson Zehr, PhD, MA, LPC, CRC, CCM, CEAP


Kelson Zehr has a PhD in Training and Performance Improvement.

As a researcher and practitioner, he completed a Dissertation in 2018 entitled “Case Study: Triad Case Management Model Applying Human Performance Technology” and was selected as a recipient of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) Awards of Excellence.

The publication discussed the implementation of a triad model of case management as a performance improvement intervention and how it relates to cost, quality of care, and satisfaction with services. It also discussed how employee resistance to change may affect this performance improvement initiative’s outcomes as it relates to human performance technology processes and models. The 2016 CMSA’s Standards of Practice for Case Management were applied for the Case Management Process, Standards of Care, Roles and Functions within analysis, process, and competency models of human performance technology.

Kelson is currently an Employee Assistance Consultant for a federal organization helping employees, teams, and the organization improve workplace productivity and employee performance. He is the current Vice President of Programming for the Michigan Chapter of ISPI, and he is also is a past Board Member for the Minnesota Chapter of The Case Management Society of America (2017).

Kelson also facilitated a lunch and learn on Co-Coaching for both the 50th Anniversary ISPI Annual Conference, as well as at the Michigan Chapter of ISPI in 2012.

Further, Kelson is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Social Worker,
Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Certified Case Manager, Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Certified Employee Assistance Professional, and National Board-Certified Counselor. He has 25 years in the field of health care applying performance improvement techniques for individuals, teams, and organizations in Managed Health Care, Military Bases, Worker’s Compensation, Disability Management, Disruptive Event Management, Utilization Review, Employee Assistance. Hospitals, and Case Management.