JUNE 10-14, 2019   •  Las Vegas, NV
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PP304 – Legislation Transforms Healthcare – Changing how we Manage the Opioid Crisis

PP304 – Legislation Transforms Healthcare – Changing how we Manage the Opioid Crisis

The abuse of opioids is a global problem that affects the health, social, and economic welfare of societies.
The challenge of healthcare professionals is to confront the growing impact of opioid abuse on health and well-being while preserving the fundamental role of opioids for the treatment of pain and human suffering. This poster presentation will define the role the professional case manager plays in assisting other healthcare professionals in the assessment, care planning process, and the interventions developed to address the disease of opioid use disorder. This poster will define the evidenced based steps for opioid disease management, legislation needed to provide better access to treatment and services for inpatient rehab treatment, community care and ongoing primary healthcare required to manage this disease. The CMSNE Public policy committee will highlight current legislation in the five New England states to support changes in the opioid disease management and how the CMSNE Public Policy committee provides ongoing surveillance of these new healthcare bills.


1. Define professional case manager’s role for providing care for a person impacted by the opioid crisis

2. State the steps to provide evidenced based professional case management care for a person with the opioid disorder

3. Explain legislation in each of the five New England states that will enhance the professional case managers ability to provide safe effective outcomes for a person