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PP301 – RACETIME to Integrated Care: Designing a Curriculum to Shift the Mindset

Jun 13 2019
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

PP301 – RACETIME to Integrated Care: Designing a Curriculum to Shift the Mindset

VHA cares for over 9 million Veterans, with the most complex individuals at significantly higher risk for preventable medical and mental health adverse outcomes. Case Management has become highly specialized over the past decade in response to multiple strategic needs of the organization. However, specialization increases missed opportunities for integrated care and communication across services. This is not unique within the VA, as the broader case management industry acknowledges the problem and has embraced varied approaches to integrate care. “Most health systems have been dis-integrated for so long that infrastructure reorganization requires the recruitment of personnel interested in working with the whole patient, willing to learn and apply new skills, and having the personal attributes needed to work on integrated case management teams.” (R. Kathol, R. Perez, and J. Cohen, Integrated Case Management Manual, 2010.) To address this fragmentation, Central Texas VA embraced the Integrated Case Management model and developed the RACETIME framework and educational curriculum to facilitate transitioning of the mindset from the traditional case management method to an integrated case management approach. This framework expands to a whole person assessment with an integrated process, strategically connecting the patient’s holistic needs to the appropriate level of care coordination delivery. The RACETIME paradigm empowers the case manager through risk stratification, complexity assessment, review team assignment of lead coordinator, evaluation of whole health needs, developing a trusting partnership, integrating care, and evaluating experiences. An interactive learning plan highlights a complex case study which resulted in over $82,000 in cost avoidance over a 3-month period. The RACETIME framework has been spread to multiple VA sites to guide teams in the systematic transition to an integrated case management approach throughout the healthcare delivery system.


1. The Learner will be able to identify the differences between a traditional case management method and an integrated case management approach, to include whole-person assessment and building of a trusting partnership as the sole point of contact for the patient

2. The Learner will be able to discuss the development of the RACETIME to Integrated Care framework and educational curriculum to aid case managers in transitioning from a traditional mindset to an integrated mindset

3. Utilizing active learning concepts, the Learner will be able to apply and educate on the key steps of RACETIME to Integrated Care, from risk stratification to experience of the patient and employee, utilizing a case study format to guide the case manager through the implementation of the integrated case management process