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PP214 – Creative Strategies to Build Chapter Leadership – A Case Study

PP214 – Creative Strategies to Build Chapter Leadership – A Case Study

Case Management is an exciting healthcare profession, attracting individuals with varying backgrounds, professions, and varying experiences. The role of the case manager differs, depending upon the employment setting, but, they function as a member within an interdisciplinary team, and are the “team leader,” although frequently, informally. Case managers are accountable in ways that demand leadership skill and competence.
Membership in a professional organization, such as CMSA, assists the case manager in professional role development and is essential to lifelong learning. CMSA, as well as many professional organizations, have noted a declining membership and participation. This trend presents organizational challenges in regards to both membership and electing new leaders.
A committee chair of a professional nursing organization identified the lack of qualified candidates for elected board positions. A leadership committee was developed to provide a nuts & bolts leadership training for the emerging chapter leaders. The 1st Annual Leadership Forum was held in March, 2015 and is ongoing. By engaging members while offering professional development aimed at improving leadership skills the Chapter helped both its members and itself to build a pool of qualified members to step up to leadership.
In another case, chapter leaders recognized similar problems, which they attacked from a similar vantage point. They provided forums to showcase the professional expertise of members. These sessions were named, Each One, Teach One, and members were recruited to present. As members shared their success stories, they gained confidence and skill, and engaged more with the professional organization, leading to excitement among members, and a reinforcing cycle.
The session will provide concrete examples of activities and strategies that are scalable and reproducible in other setting to help stimulate ideas for similar leadership and membership development.


1. Outline the steps involved in development of a chapter leadership program

2. Identify strategies to attract and engage members

3. Discuss the perceived barriers and benefits to membership in a professional organization