JUNE 10-14, 2019   •  Las Vegas, NV
Navigating the Full Spectrum of Case Management • Mirage Convention Center

PP205 – The Journey Toward Independence

PP205 – The Journey Toward Independence

The majority of upper limb amputations are the result of a poly-traumatic event impacting every aspect of the injured person’s life. An individual faced with such a life-altering change will have to make many physical and psychological adjustments to be able to fully participate in daily activities. With the complexity of these injuries, a holistic approach is required when treating these patients.
This workshop will highlight both the physical and psychosocial aspects of traumatic limb loss from the therapeutic relationship view point.  It will fully incorporate a collaborative care model to maximize the patient experience with the case management process.  Moderated by an occupational therapist and a prosthetist, a panel of INSPIRING individuals with unilateral, bilateral and quadrilateral upper limb loss will share their experiences during their rehabilitative journey toward independence and their ‘return to normalcy’.  They will demonstrate how they use prosthetics to perform their ADL’s and share tips that have helped them adapt in this transformation, as well as discuss key players in their care teams and the impact they had on the return to function.


1. Discuss the importance of psychosocial support in the rehabilitation of patients with upper limb loss

2. Recognize how upper limb loss and prosthetic use affect a person’s occupational performance

3. Increase knowledge of the roles of all members of the collaborative team in the case management process for the person with traumatic upper limb loss