JUNE 10-14, 2019   •  Las Vegas, NV
Navigating the Full Spectrum of Case Management • Mirage Convention Center

PP202 – Telerehab: The Future is Here and Now

PP202 – Telerehab: The Future is Here and Now

The future is here and now for telerehab as it becomes an exceedingly popular method for occupational and physical therapy treatment options. To keep up with patient demands, it is important we enhance the continuity of care by offering technology-enabled solutions that provide convenient access to high quality care to the injured worker population. Telerehab is emerging as a convenient solution that bridges common gaps and provides continuity of care in physical medicine. Those who live busy lives or have unique circumstances will benefit – such as workers who travel or live far from a rehabilitation facility. Flexibility is essential in achieving better outcomes. Telerehab offers extended hours and eliminates the need for travel.
In this session, we look at common cases, such as back and knee injuries, showing how telerehab can be used as an outpatient therapy option to help improve costs and outcomes. We review other therapy gaps, such as pre- and post-surgery scenarios where telerehab is making a significant impact. We will also look at advanced technology and wearables that assist in remote patient monitoring to achieve optimal results and adherence within the home and review how employers are using them as a preventative tool to mitigate loss exposure.


1. Learn how telerehab is transforming physical therapy and becoming an increasingly viable option for both therapists and patients and be able to identify real-life cases where telerehab can help control costs and improve outcomes in workers’ compensation claims

2. Gain insight on how telerehab can be used both as a preventative solution (e.g. pre-surgery strengthening programs or common home exercise programs) as well as for post-injury treatment

3. Identify alternate use scenarios that may mitigate loss exposure or assist those with chronic pain to wean off opioids and resume a more productive lifestyle