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PP115 – How Nephrology Case Managers Improve Patient Outcomes and Engagement

Jun 11 2019
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

PP115 – How Nephrology Case Managers Improve Patient Outcomes and Engagement

Program Description:
CKD and Dialysis patients are a population who are physically ill, but also experience grief/loss. Grief of independence, self-esteem, and body function, feeling alone on this new journey, they need someone who understands what they are thinking and feeling, this is what Nephrology Case Management provides.

Through case management patient are contacted frequently and monitored for signs and symptoms of uremia, fluid retention/overload, and exacerbation of heart failure. We teach our patients to recognize the comorbid disease state, signs and symptoms and to contact the physician’s office when they occur. We teach them about Diabetes and Hypertension, how to better control them, and possibly reduce the damage that these had cause.

With interventions such as education, close monitoring, and emotional support/understanding, a percentage of patients have shown the decrease in progression in their disease which delays the need to start dialysis. This impacts to two ways; first being the last thing a patient wants to do is to start Renal Replacement Therapy. Remaining off dialysis gives a sense of self control over their lives. This is done with the stabilization of labs, blood glucose and blood pressure control.
Second, the emotional and mental cost to the patient and their families. Chronic kidney disease is a life altering condition. Support and coping skills are offered by case management in every stage of their disease process. The patient and family do not feel alone and have a sense of security that someone is by their side.

Finally, Case Management provides the patient with another interface with the medical community. Case management is a bridge to fill the gap between patient and doctor’s office. For the patient who is too timid or unsure with calling the physician’s office with concerns, case management gives the patient an option to speak to someone they built a relationship and feel comfortable with.

In short, Nephrology Case management works to improve patient outcomes both physically and emotionally.

Learn about Nephrology case management, and how education and close monitoring with patients helps decrease the progression of chronic kidney disease. Learn about how CKD patients go through their own personal grief when this disease strikes, and how case management helps the patient through this new journey in their lives.


1. Describe how nephrology case managers bridge the gap between patient and provider
2. Describe how nephrology case managers follows and guides patients through the entire stages of disease process, from start of management to end of life
3. Describe how nephrology case management informs and supports patient choices in their own care