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PP109 – Life in the Fast Lane: Hybrid Rapid Observation Unit

PP109 – Life in the Fast Lane: Hybrid Rapid Observation Unit

Observation units are popping up rapidly in facilities across the nation. But what makes them a success or a failure in this era of CMS requirements, utilization management, productivity and efficiency? How does a successful Rapid Observation unit impact the LOS productivity for the hospital while maintaining higher HCAPH scores?

A successful Observation unit will be the shining star of the hospital with a rapid turn around from diagnosis to treatment to discharge. Collaboration is the main key to successful communication amongst all the players.

This presentation will outline how to successfully plan and implement a Hybrid Rapid Observation unit rather than an Open or Closed unit, and the collaboration needed primarily between the NP running the unit and the Case manager.


1. Describe the overall process in the development of a Rapid Observation Unit

2. Identify the three types of Observation units and the goals of each

3. Discuss the collaboration between the NP-CM-Nursing staff in the treatment and discharge of patients from a Rapid Observation unit within a 24-32 hour window