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PP106 – The difference between Home Health, Home Care and Home placement

PP106 – The difference between Home Health, Home Care and Home placement


Consumers and health care professionals do not understand that home health care is not non-medical home care.  There are very clear divisions between all three agencies.  The Illinois Department of Public Health licenses all three (3) agencies but have different requirements for licensure.  Home care, non-medial, is a great option for consumers upon discharge from the hospital if rehabilitation is not required.  It is also a quality partner to case management and can help to significantly reduce readmissions by data collection and open communication with both departments, case management and home care agencies.

Home care has the ability to keep patients out of the hospital and to prevent admissions in the first place.

Home placement, however, is not and cannot follow the client by law and by licensure.

Recognizing the ability and solutions that home care can offer case management is a missing piece in the continuum of care and needs further analysis.  Home care can demonstrate patient medical needs and can draw from date from within the home care assessment and data tracking for case management prevents less hospital visits and readmission rates to drop.


1. Explore current coverage of all three (3) agencies.
Explore and understand the differences that separate these agencies

2. Understanding that home care fills a critical gap between hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities

3. Understand the risks of home placement versus home care as a private pay consumer; Understands why our seniors are at risk if they don’t understand the difference