JUNE 10-14, 2019   •  Las Vegas, NV
Navigating the Full Spectrum of Case Management • Mirage Convention Center

PC4 – Navigating the Spectrum of Professional Writing Skills

PC4 – Navigating the Spectrum of Professional Writing Skills

The ability to deliver clear and persuasive written communication is critical in today’s business world. It’s also an essential skill for professional case managers at any level of practice, whether writing everyday emails, operational reports, organizational policies, quality initiative proposals, program evaluations, department newsletters, or white papers and articles for publication.

However, the task of writing may be perceived as an unwelcome chore or burden, and is often approached with anxiety, apathy, or even avoidance! Many people struggle with putting their thoughts and ideas in writing in a way that delivers a clear, concise message. But this need not be the case!

This workshop will provide writing tips, techniques, and best practices to help ensure your key messages are clearly and effectively communicated in writing. Emphasis will be given to practical application and on-the-job examples of the approaches and strategies discussed.

Honing writing skills and embracing the art of writing is a great way to grow personally and professionally in your career. Come to this workshop to be inspired and energized! You’ll leave the workshop with an individualized care plan that includes specific goals and actions to advance your professional writing skills.
1. Identify strategies and techniques to improve the content, organization, and quality of written communications
2. Demonstrate a user-centered approach to create clear, focuses, and meaningful emails, business documents, and articles for publication
3. Develop a personal action plan to improve professional writing skills