JUNE 19-23, 2018   •  CHICAGO, IL
We Are Case Management • McCormick Place

PC3 – Second Annual Writing Workshop

PC3 – Second Annual Writing Workshop


The practice of case management is performed in every sector of the healthcare system, yet many people still do not know what case management is and the value it brings to consumers of healthcare and the organizations who provide health care services.

The Second Annual Writing Workshop will discuss opportunities that case managers can utilize to share information on the work they do and how consumers and members of the healthcare team can access a case manager when needed.  

The workshop will help prepare case managers on how to utilize the various mediums open to them to their fullest potential, how to avoid pitfalls and how to come off in a professional and polished manner.

Topics to be covered would be:

  • Writing to the consumer in newspapers and mainstream publications
  • Participating in radio/TV interviews
  • Coordinating town meetings to educate the public on how to navigate the healthcare system
  • Advocating for the practice of case management in the community
  • Blogging

Session Objectives

This workshop will help you to be able to know how to share your expertise through various mediums that allow you to educate, empower and enhance consumers, employers, and the community

This workshop will help you prepare for radio, TV and Live interviews so you come off as professional and polished on topics that focus on your expertise.

 The workshop will empower you to advocate for the practice of case management with all members of the healthcare team, consumers, employers and the community.



Lead: Anne Llewellyn, RN-BC, MS, BHSA, CCM, CRRN, Nurse Advocate and Digital Journalist: email allewellyn48@gmail.com or phone: 954-476-7143

Brianne Baird, Communication Director, Case Management Society of America

Monica Capogna, Director of Communications at Fraser imagineers, LLC

Kathy O’Malley