JUNE 19-23, 2018   •  CHICAGO, IL
We Are Case Management • McCormick Place

6001 – Emergency Department Care Management Triad: A Case Study of Success

6001 – Emergency Department Care Management Triad: A Case Study of Success

Americans make nearly 100 million visits per year to acute hospital Emergency Departments (ED), 15 to 20% of which result in admissions. The complexities surrounding the patient population and ED utilization is growing year-over-year and research continues to highlight the impact to healthcare costs and patient outcomes. As part of a proactive approach to managing this changing and growing population, an increasing number of hospital organizations are establishing and empowering ED Care Management staff as essential members of the ED care team.  

A robust ED Care Management program provides 7 day a week coverage with a focus on appropriate status determination, admission and readmission avoidance. These functions can be provided by a dedicated triad of Care Management roles consisting of a RN Care Manager, Social Worker and Care Management Assistant. All roles are clearly delineated and the team works collaboratively to impact patient satisfaction, patient flow, bed management, transitions of care, discharge planning, appropriate status and clinical denials in the ED.

Come to this session to understand leading practices for ED Care Management and the positive outcomes the ED Care Management Triad can achieve.  We will share lessons learned and a case study of developing, implementing and sustaining the ED CM Triad and its integration into the overall ED Care Team.



  1. Define leading practices around Care Management in the ED
  2. Describe how to assess what the benefits of implementing ED Care Management could achieve in your organization
  3. Describe strategies to implement and sustain the ED Care Management and the key metrics for success