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5008 – Team Collaboration for a Successful Upper Limb Prosthetic Outcome!

5008 – Team Collaboration for a Successful Upper Limb Prosthetic Outcome!

There are several innovative upper limb prosthetic advancements that have become commercially available, especially over the last 5 years.  Now, more than ever, early fit and interprofessional collaboration are truly necessary.  When an end user is fit with this technology early, they integrate the prosthesis into their body image and learn early use of the prosthesis for successful activities of daily living.  Peer support can also contribute to the early acceptance of the prosthesis.  The new technologies range from myoelectric and externally powered multi-articulating hands with automatic thumb movement and gesture control for accessing grip patterns to hooks that are waterproof and electronic elbows that position quickly and accurately.  Technology for partial hand amputations has also shown dramatic improvements over the last couple of years as well.  It is an exciting time in upper limb prosthetics and an important time for collaborative efforts.


1. Describe the advancements in upper limb prosthetic technology and the value of an early fit for a successful outcome

2. Define the importance of peer support in the early fit process

3. Summarize the importance of the collaborative team approach to the rehabilitation process and how this contributes to a successful case management