JUNE 10-14, 2019   •  Las Vegas, NV
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4007 – Social Determinants of Health:The impact on Case Managers

Jun 12 2019
3:30 pm - 4:45 pm

4007 – Social Determinants of Health:The impact on Case Managers

As a case manager, you know through your practice that Social Determinants of Health impact your patient’s health. Case managers identify and work to resolve these issues as they are identified in the assessment process. Most recently, there has been considerable study about the types of determinants and the data shows the more we  know, the better we can address health equity.  There is a growing movement to incorporate health outcomes through government policies and payment reforms, grants to study this impact and integration of these determinants into our health care system.  Although poverty is a factor and predictor of social determinants, we also know that case managers themselves are impacted both personally and by the stress caused by caring fo rthe vulnerable populations.  This presentation is an interactive workshop to help the attendees identify and solution their own determinants as they learn about the trends to address.


1. Attendee will identify 3 social determinants that impact their current practice and discuss resolution through the care planning process

2. Attendee will demonstrate knowledge of social determinants through an interactive process

3. Attendee will recognize the impact of community agencies on resolving social determinants of health