JUNE 10-14, 2019   •  Las Vegas, NV
Navigating the Full Spectrum of Case Management • Mirage Convention Center

4006 – How Clinicians Can Support their Organizations in BPCI Advanced

4006 – How Clinicians Can Support their Organizations in BPCI Advanced

Value-based care is replacing fee-for-service to provide better quality care to patients at lower costs. But this shift creates administrative challenges for case managers who already are balancing the demands of patient care with paperwork.
In light of value-based programs being implemented, like Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced (BPCI Advanced), this presentation will demonstrate how clinicians can drive organizational changes and care redesign while keeping the patient’s best interests at the center of all decisions. As the liaison between patients, their caregivers, and the hospital or health system, case managers are poised to be advocates in their organizations.
Through real-world examples and best practices honed over three decades of clinical field work, the presenter will empower case managers to optimize discharge planning and care transitions and create partnerships across the continuum.
The success of BPCI Advanced depends on collaboration, communication, and a strategic mindset, and this session will give case managers the tools to steer their organizations and patients to better outcomes at lower costs.


1. Create a cohesive continuum of care with preferred provider networks to standardize care and achieve consistent outcomes

2. Redesign care through BPCI Advanced by preparing for common pitfalls, particularly around post-acute care like discharge planning and care transitions

3. Drive change by communicating with partners, leading other clinicians in best practices, thinking critically about processes, and embracing the value-based system