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4005 – Music & Memory

4005 – Music & Memory

Music & Memory – two entities that promote well-being in all ages. Memories formed at a young age are the last to die off, which is why long-term memory is prevalent in those diagnosed with Dementia. The use of music specifically targeted to the era of the patient and personalized music selections that had meaning to the patient can enhance the temperament and behavior of the client. It can suppress depression, raise awareness, bring back words and speech which had previously disappeared. It showcases meaningful quiet time for the client and the caregiver. It has been shown and proven to change a person’s perspective in the days ahead.


1. Identify who can benefit from Music & Memory

2. Describe strategies to advocate for patients/clients who can benefit from Music & Memory to decrease loneliness and isolation in our seniors

3. Define how neural pathways open and create new ones keeping the brain exercised and energized to lessen depression and enhance a sense of security when hearing something familiar