JUNE 19-23, 2018   •  CHICAGO, IL
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4002 – How Is The Opiate Epidemic Affecting Your Workers Comp Case?

Jun 22 2018
3:10 pm - 4:40 pm

4002 – How Is The Opiate Epidemic Affecting Your Workers Comp Case?

Presentation will cover the opiate usage on a workers’ compensation claim.  The attendees will be provided information on statistical data from several governmental institutes, published articles and guidelines for the opiate crisis facing our nation.  Discussion of the major drugs being used for pain related symptoms.

Opiate addiction is plaguing the nation, but also in the workers comp arena. However, claims being affected by short or long term opiate usage will impact the outcomes especially if trying to settle a case.  We will look at the different states and job market’s that are being affected the most.  Discussion of non-surgical and surgical diagnosis that result in opiate usage, treatments and the physicians/specialties that should be handling specific claims for opiates to ensure safety and compliance from the claimant. We will look at costs, education, risk assessments, management of the claim by the nurse case manager and what we can do to assess and provide appropriate recommendations to the physician, employer and insurance company.


1. Review national data from several resources that will provide current data on the opiate epidemic. Will also look at the states that have an increase in opiate usage.
2. Provide a development and strategic plan by using education, utilization review, conservative physicians, prescription drug monitoring programs, behavioral assessment, benefits of pharmacy benefits networks, narcotic agreements, different types of drug screening utilizing the most current data available.
3. Discussion of the effects of opiates, benzodiazepines and amphetamine like drugs to include different levels of potency that can affect claims and your patients.