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3006 – Population Health for Case Managers

3006 – Population Health for Case Managers

            Population health is a clinical and financial model. Improving population health is the third initiative of the Triple Aim, which also include, improving the experience of, and decreasing the per capita cost of health care. It is similar to the public health organization, which operates in the background of the larger health care system dedicated to the treatment of illness and disease.

            Case managers understand that healthy populations is a laudable goal. It is the merging of a healthy population concept within a payment model and tied to quality outcomes. This is profoundly different from the pay-for-service healthcare model on which most healthcare providers base their practice.

            Case managers know the barriers of health illiteracy, social determents of care, chronic medical and psychiatric conditions, to the treatment of disease and achievement of health. Patients need case managers to guide them through the complex health care system. Population health cannot be successful without licensed, and often certified case managers and their direct interventions. It will take the case manager with the interdisciplinary care team to actualize it. Healthcare organization must move case managers from delivering isolated services, to the core drivers of the population health initiative across the continuum of care.

1. Explain the Triple Aim.
2. Describe The Population Health Model and how it is related to the Triple Aim.
3. Describe how case managers guide patients through a complex health system and the social determinants of health.