JUNE 26-30, 2017   •   AUSTIN, TX
Transformation of Case Management • Austin Convention Center

Continuing Ed

Continuing Education: Maximize Your Potential

The transformation of case management has affected every portion of our role. Conference concurrent and poster presentations will provide a variety of continuing education opportunities with a focus on helping you:

  • Investigate the development of case management programs specific to transformation within the hospital, long term care, workers’ compensation, community health programs, patient centered medical homes or other initiatives. Additionally, lessons learned and improved clinical, social and financial outcomes will be highlighted.
  • Address the leadership role need for case managers within a population health model, including specifics of how to empower case managers, colleagues and peers through the areas of education, practice, mentoring and experience.
  • Analyze the building of care teams and what those changes mean across the continuum of care, with an emphasis on how the care team works with the patient, family caregiver, professional and para-professional providers.
  • Discuss collaborative strategies and successful initiatives for improving case management practice in medical and behavioral health, pediatric and geriatric practice and complex case management using data to demonstrate impact and/or outcomes.
  • Examine and describe current and emerging advancement in technology and innovations supporting enhanced patient and family caregiver engagement, improving treatment adherence and elevating the practice of case management.

As always, CMSA’s programs are designed to ensure that CE activities are independent and free of commercial bias.

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Stretch Your Continuing Education Dollars

CMSA offers the best value cost per continuing education credit when compared to the some of the other industry events:

Organization Event Rate 50-hr CE 60-hr CE
CMSA $ 599.00 $ 19.20 $ 23.00
Contemporary Forums 2015 $ 505.00 $ 27.15 $ 32.59
CCMC $ 599.00 $ 38.39 $ 46.07
ACMA Annual Conference $ 595.00 $ 46.12 $ 55.35
ACMA Leadership $ 425.00 $ 50.60 $ 60.71
Dorland Patient Advocate* $ 995.00 $ 99.50 $ 99.50
SEAK* $ 995.00 $ 55.28 $ 55.28

Based on lowest MEMBER rate for full conference offering. Does not include any pre- or post-conference events which required an additional fee.

* Not specified whether Continuing Education is based on 50- or 60-minute hour.